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Lucknow to Orai

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Orai is a city and sub-district of the Jalaun district in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is the district headquarter for Jalaun district which is the part of the Jhansi division. It is situated at NH-27 midway between Jhansi and Kanpur.

Orai has been named after a saint (Rishi) Uddalak because he worshipped there and has historical value because of its location, which is between Jhansi, Mahoba and Kalpi. Orai was also known as the City of King 'Mahil' who was infamous for his bad habits and back-biting; he betrayed his nephews Alha and Udal. Alha and Udal were Rajput.

There is a small story or belief behind this place. It is said that the King was fond of getting married. First time he got married in his childhood and after getting bored of his first wife, he married again. Like this he did four hundred one marriages. Later on he decided to abandon his childish attitude and adopted shistacharya. After doing this he made one ashram for his wives where they all can enjoy their lives as per their wishes. Aalah of the Banaphar Rajput clan was the famous general of the great Chandel king Parmal, who fought Prithviraj Chauhan in 1182 CE. Alha is one of the heroes of the Alha-Khand poem, popularly recited in the Bundelkhand region of India, a work that is also known as Parmal Raso.

Tourist places nearby Orai, bhaghwan shri taleshwarji, Hathi Mandir, radha krishna mandir, Thadeshwari Temple, Archana Palace.

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Lucknow to Orai travelling time will be only 5 hours.Where customer can spend maximum time in Orai.

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