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Bangalore to Coonoor Outstation Cab

Bangalore to Coonoor Outstation Cab : It is very common practice to use outstation cab hiring for Bangalore to Coonoor trips by many in Bangalore city. Here, Mapcabs is leading ahead over all other car hire companies in the city. Many people travel to Coonoor from Bangalore for various needs, but cab booking is proven as worthwhile here than using public transport. Time-saving is one good reason here for hiring taxi while prices are now very reasonable for cabs. Mapcabs is at present offering some outstation cab hire deals too for customers. It is definitely worth travelling by rental car for outstation trips. Online cab booking is now easy and affordable for all too.

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Bangalore to Coonoor using Mapcabs

Coonoor is located in Tamilnadu state within the Nilgiris district. Nilgiri tea production is making this place special. Nilgiri hills are making Coonoor the best hill station to pay a visit by all. This Coonoor hill station is located at the Hulikal ravine head and its altitude is 1800mts above the sea. It is close to Ooty too at just 19km. many wildflowers and birds are the special attraction of this hill station that is with verdant environs. This place is the favourite one for trekkers and hikers too. This tea plantation area is popular for holidays during summer. Many national and international film shootings often take place at this place too.

David Lean’s popular Hollywood movie “A Passage to India” in 1984 was filmed at the backdrop of this location. Tourists often cover Ooty and Coonoor at one go and it will be more convenient by using outstation car hire. The panoramic view of the Nilgiri hills with pastel green meadows is totally spellbound. You will get to see beautiful ravines, valleys and waterfalls here. Many bird watchers often pay a visit to this place too. Very popular bird species like pipits, cormorants, parakeets, thrushes and many more will be seen here. A walk through tea gardens is another speciality for the Bangalore to Coonoor trip. If you want to cover all the mentioned places, then hiring outstation cab will be the best choice for all.

Mapcabs Outstation Cab Booking

A trip from Bangalore to Coonoor in Mapcabs outstation taxi booking is truly rewarding for all. When you travel by rental car, it is your opportunity to cover some of the special places during the journey between Bangalore and Coonoor too. Also, there are many places to visit in Coonoor. If you have a cab with you, then it will be the more comfortable trip for you to cover all. Your invigorating trip to Coonoor will be complete only when you travel in a car. This is what Mapcabs is offering to you through our outstation cabs. Cab booking online is always easy for you with Mapcabs while our customer care number is capable enough to keep your trip safer for you. Reach us online and our team will arrange this trip for you comfortably at the reasonable price. Mapcabs is your reliable outstation cab provider always.

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